Friday, December 30, 2011

Where has the year gone?

Time seemed to pass so quickly, I feel like I lay down in January to take a nap and woke up in December. It’s not that I haven’t been aware of the passing of time, it’s just that it’s gone by so fast.
2011 was a good year for me; one filled with ups and downs. I began writing a weekly blog in January and have faithfully posted every week. I started writing a transformational daybook and just finished my last page yesterday. I finished a class on Freelance Writing and began a new one on Shaping and Writing a Novel. The part of my life that’s involved in writing has been full. I’ve noticed that when I’m not writing, I’m reading about writing and/or studying about how-to-write. I do not have an educational background to support my passion for the written word, so I have to apply myself and learn as I go.
My personal life has taken a few twists and turns, but I’ve survived them all. In fact, I have more than survived, I’ve grown in my understanding of who I am and what I want. I watched my mother turn 90, which was amazing, and at the same time suffered the rejection and harsh judgment of my family over a decision I made. I’ve felt the pain of losing my home to foreclosure, went through my husband’s seven weeks of unemployment with no income during that time, and found out my 16 year old cat has kidney disease and a growth in her abdomen. That’s been the rougher spots in my year.
On the up side, I regained my prior level of high physical energy that I’d lost after having open-heart surgery last year, got to spend Christmas day serving the homeless at our local rescue mission, made new heart friends, found a lovely home to rent and move into, found out what it feels like to have someone take up for me, learned the meaning of unconditional love from my husband, and have seen more of my loving, amazing soul.
I am walking into 2012 with joy and high spirits.  I can’t wait to see what the year will bring in my personal life, in my circle of friends and family, in my hometown and state, and In the world at large. I’m anticipating a lot of change and continued growth. Happy New Year to all!

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