Monday, November 24, 2014

We're alive...let's get kicking!

Created on Thanksgiving 3 years ago, this blog has been in hibernation for the past year.  My writer friend Anu Lal encouraged me to resume posting. He will join me as an editor and contribute to this site.
We need  Y O U, writers, authors, aspiring authors, bloggers, poets and readers to let this site thrive again. Even if you only dabble in writing, give it a shot. We take submissions about almost every topic under the sun with the exception of porn and religion.

And in the spirit of true Thanksgiving, this is my first post:
"My way of giving thanks this year: Free copies of my short story "There is No Going Back" from: Nov 25th (my birthday till Black Friday!) Thanks for a life I am allowed to live in freedom and without wars in contrast to my ancestors' generations and many millions of people around the world who spend these days as refugees. Happy Thanksgiving!"

Like many of you, I feel privileged to be able and allowed to express my thoughts without prosecution, to let me hopes and dreams run wild and free, to enjoy the right of freedom of expression, to exchange views with like-minded individuals around the globe. Yes, this has been a truly International site and it would be wonderful if we could keep that going. I'll provide the statistics on that shortly.

Send us your submissions: about 500-800 words; include a pic of you or your book; include a link to your books and blogs. Help us make this blog multi-facetted, multi-cultural, exciting, inspiring, informative- fun! And leave comments!

Happy Thanksgiving!