Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Is anyone in my city serious about making lifestyle changes?

Making healthy lifestyle changes is a choice.
When do you decide? Is it after being diagnosed with a disease or when your waistline expands?
For me it was after being diagnosed a borderline diabetic.
Here in my city the young girls' bellies are fat, and they have no shame showing them off in their style of dress. The young boys are obese, and are constantly being teased. The women are stricken with some form of disease, walking on canes or unable to lift their legs up to ride a bus. The men look nine months pregnant, and are always encouraging their women not to lose weight, "I like my woman thick."
It's like living in a secret society, here's the rules.
"Stay within city limits, and you will go unnoticed. Eat no healthy foods whatsoever. Never exercise, drink very little water. "So what if your bellies are big and you are obese? Look around you - most of us here in our city look that way."
Here's what was on my mind as I rode into work today.

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