Sunday, December 4, 2011

Unexpected Fallen Trees

Not long ago, late on a Friday afternoon, I was sitting at the kitchen table typing on the computer. All of the sudden I heard this thunderous sound that shook the house.  I at first thought, like a few months before, another tremor from an earthquake had occurred.   Realizing that was not what it was, I then thought something had fallen in the house making the loud racket.  As I glanced out the window behind me I quickly saw what had made the disturbing sound.  A huge oak tree had fallen just missing the side of the house.
About a year ago, in the patch of woods beside the house, a large oak tree had fallen during a storm.  It was prevented from hitting the ground as it was being held up by the large trees that surrounded it.  Having lost the life that was in it, as it became more rotten it was only a matter of time before it broke into pieces and crashed to the ground. That “time” was Friday afternoon.
The tree’s final resting place being only a few feet from hitting the house, I realized how fortunate we were the house escaped the trees huge trunk.  With a crash that startled me, I realized how blessed we were it was a near miss.
I got to thinking, how often have we escaped potential disaster and didn’t even realize it…or maybe we did realize it.  In the fallen world we live in the unexpected is always just around the next corner.  How, more often than we would like, have we been surprised and startled by how suddenly the unexpected can fall into our lives.  The thunderous sound of the unexpected can interrupt our lives without warning.
Sometimes the unanticipated hits our “houses,” sometimes it just misses our “houses.”  When it is a just miss, let us be most thankful.  Even when it is a hit let us be grateful for His support, strength, and presence that forever abides with us.  While we may be startled by those unexpected “trees” that fall our way, be attuned to Him and never be surprised by His ever faithful Presence.
Blessings, Dr. Dan.
Dr. Daniel Merritt has been a Baptist pastor in North Carolina for over 40 years. In addition to being a pastor he is also a high school track and cross country coach, as well as an author of four books. His most recent book is, A Sure Foundation: Eight Truths Affirming the Bible's Divine Inspiration. 

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