Tuesday, December 20, 2011

LIife is an Amazing Song

It is a wonderful book of a young boy’s life during the war times in Finland at his grandparents in Oulu, North Finland. Later he was sent to Orsa in the Dalarna region of Sweden. After several years with foster parents in Sweden, he finally returned back to Finland to his mother, sister and brother in South Finland. It was a happy homecoming after some seven years absence, but it was a shock. He found his family’s life to be hard and raw. Food was scarce. They lived in a tiny firetrap apartment building. His mother worked as a prison guard and with her meager salary was barely able to support the family. His father returned from the war and immediately announced that he wanted a divorce from mother. After that he disappeared from their life without any financial support.
Not long after their misery, there was a change when mother regained her old position at the Internationally famous Hotel Aulanko. The family moved to the hotel’s premises, into a solid large log cabin. Now life turned out for the better. The hotel years were exciting and uplifting. Life was beautiful again.
A “miracle” happened to the boy, at age seventeen, when he received an invitation to America, with all travel and living expenses paid, plus schooling in Philadelphia.
He embraced his new life in America with vigor - in the land of opportunity- becoming a successful business man years later.
The book is a memoir in the tradition of Angela’s Ashes, My Life as a Dog (Swedish book) and a hint of Tom Sawyer. 

Enchanting- Sad-Uplifting-Refreshing-Humorous
John Raikkonen is the the Author of a new exciting memoir about Finland during the Finnish-Russian war, year 1942 to 1945 and the after effect. 

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