Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Right Think Society
Ever’body say’n
Whatcha’ can’t be 
Whatcha’ can’t think
‘N whatcha’ can’t do
Are ya’ struttin’ enough red, white ‘n  blue 
Fly’n patriot flags publicly approved 
Have ya’ got tee shirts an’ the right tattoos 
Got a sticker on ‘yer car say’n  Jesus Loves You 
Walk straight 
Talk straight
People watch’n you 
Who’s yer’ bro’
Who’s got cher’ back when you make’n a show 
Have ya’ got cher’ guns an’ survival stash 
Are ya’ show’n high status when ya’ flash yer’ cash 
Got’cher too cool moves
When you choose who’s who 
Walk straight 
Talk straight 
People watch’n you 
Are ya’ poppin’ street talk on political views
Rip’n twists on the past ‘n the constitution too 
Are ya’ preachin’ holy rules that cha’ got from books 
Decide’n who’s guilty and who’s forsook 
Ain’t even checked to see if it’s true 
But’cher tellin’ ever’body to listen to you
Walk straight 
Talk straight 
People watch’n you 
Gotta’ tricked out house an’ a slick foreign car 
Trip’n on planes that ‘er goin’ real far 
Got great big digs an’ a glass swimmin’ pool 
Gotta’ fast motor boat an’ a shark tank too 
Puttin’ plenty of money on name tag sass 
At cher’ fat kat club for yer’ upper class act 
Now, ain’t you  s p e c i a l . . .
Cause ya’ walk straight 
Talk straight 
‘N people watchin’ you 
©  10/31/10 
Sandy Hartman  
Another  poem by this amazing poet. Her new website now has sound! Sit back and listen to her extraordinary poems.

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