Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What the World Needs Is More Mothering

Yeah, that's right
More mothering
Everybody out there’s walking around acting big  
Looking for appreciation and hoping nobody'll see inside

Well, don't let'em fool you
Doesn’t make any difference if they’re big or small
Important or nobody
They’re just pretending over hurt selves
Because once they grow up no one tells 'em they’re special any more
You know, special in a mothering way
Deep inside they feel empty
And they try to fill up that chlld place by acting confident and smart
Hoping nobody will know they’re not sure all the time   

We’re supposed to grow up and act like adults
Strong and all
Impressing everybody with how important we are
But that little child inside just keeps looking for someone to take notice
To say nice things about 'em        
Let 'em know they’re all right
That what they do counts
You know, gentle like

Well now
If you don't have any money or some big time job
You still have something to give
That makes you important

All those people out there are looking for a smile
Someone to listen to ‘em
You can do that       
You’ve got plenty of that
And it's free, so you can give away all you want

No need to go moving in with ‘em now
Just be nice         
No  “Look at me in your face"  attitude
Slap that pearly white shine you got right on 'em
Smile and listen to what they have to say

Take your time now      
It's a gift       
Remember that
You gotta' give it away without thinking twice
And don't go standing around waiting to get it back
Then you’ll just be lonely too

c   7/10/09

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