Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Poet's Reading

This a first for our site, an innovative approach which surely will catch on soon. Are you all experimenting with vlogs? Later in the day, Sal also sent me this poem which I publish here too. Siggy

Sal Buttaci reads two of his poems at the Neighbor's Art Center.
Please take the time and see how this works. It might give you an idea or two. I'm trying to master the intricacies of video clips and vlogs. Youtube is here to stay- and successfully so. It seems to be the future of FB too.
Salvatore Buttaci
A leprechaun once told me
“the Irish have the luck,”
so pretending I was Irish
I acted like a kluck,
waving four-leaf clovers,
broguing  in the green:
“top o’ the morning” all over,
the likes you’ve never seen.
Then I asked the little fellow
where I might find that pot of gold
and he laughed so hard he bellowed,
“That’s a legend that’s quite old.
The only way to riches
is work hard and persevere.
There ain’t no other hitches.
that’s what makes the gold appear.”
Now he’s gone forever,
but each year on Paddy’s Day,
I chant in my endeavor
to let magic come my way.
The gold that I was seeking
is an angel in my life:
Of what lassie am I speaking?
Why, begorra, she’s my wife!
(C) 2009 Salvatore Buttaci

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