Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Apology

Only once in a writer’s lifetime does she have the chance to say “My first novel is being published.”

Welcome to “The Complete Tales from the Edge of the Woods”  by prize winning writer, Rachael Z. Ikins. (Icarus Aloft: YA Imprint SLM Bookworks, Selkirk, NY) 2013.
 Enter the woodland of the wizard and come away from it changed for life.



The Apology
I will tame the dragon

for you and call her tumble,
from the sky. All purple-bronze
steaming skin and violet violet eyes.
I will whistle to her
as she soars over,
beckon her onto the roof-
peak; perch and gleam-tooth
and smiling claw. Peering down at me,
she creaks.
--and lie with you on her chest,
Wrapped in a fold of heated leather wing.
Listen to her rumble! warm and deep,
So far inside you almost cannot
hear her voice. We keep.

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