Monday, March 4, 2013

Challenges for a Writer

Last year ended on a really unhappy note, with the massacre at Sandy Hook. Stephen L. Wilson set up Indies In Action and together IIA put together a collection of poems and stories for a charity designed to try and help the families. Our book "Angels Cried" was picked up to be promoted on A&E TV and has been heavily blogged to the greater good, it was in the top 100 selling books over Christmas on Amazon.

With the New Year came a new meaning to my writing. Instead of struggling with a useless editor holding me back, I was approached via editor Julia Petrakis to help with book 2 of my Chronicles series, as book 1 was an award winner. Julia is very impressed with my progress as a writer in the short time we have been working as a team, and with the help of Autocrit I am catching up with my backlog of work. We are working very well and with Julia's help book 2 should be out in a week or two. Another big news item is that book 1 is now with the publishers in Maryland. In April I hope to send a story to a publisher here in the UK for their on line magazine at Black Library, this is the opening book in Mordhiem series. 

 Alan Place

Angels Cried


  1. Thank you Siggy for always complimenting authors who invested their hearts and souls into writing their creations. As a reader this book was a soul searing and deep humanistic insight of sorrow and expression of anguish at such an tragedy. Yet even after time I still can read one of the 40 authors or view their amazing artwork, and tears come to my eyes. and other pieces bring awareness that the violence needs to stop, The artists and the authors pour out their souls to express sincere compassion and declare with healing that there is always hope to believe in. I was as they were honour to be part of Author Stephen L. Wilson's creativity and all who contribute to this sentimental outreach. It was a a step to recovery and change as these authors and so many people came together to express their support and it still continues today and may it continue into the future to declare these angels will not be forgotten and motivate others to continue to complete acts of kindness to go forth for the departed angels.

    Congratulations to Alan with his news,may it be an enriching path.

    1. From my editor, Julia. A comment on Chronicles Book 2

      Wow, Alan! You have so improved! You should be very proud of yourself.