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One time, a friend of mine asked me if I was ashamed to tell the world that I used to be loose. As much as it is something to be ashamed of, I realized that I'm no longer ashamed of anything that I've done. Here's why and how you can free yourself from social stigma:

When I participated in certain lifestyles, I did so for whatever reason, hating myself the whole while. And in all my self-loathing, my conditions in life only grew worse. The more I dabbled in unacceptable behavior, the less hope I had of ever coming out of this life with any level of success. Finally, I was introduced fully into Christianity and learned one immutable truth- no one, NOBODY, not a soul is perfect and sinless! (Nope, not the Bradys down the street, or the McCoys up the road, not judges, probation officers, cops, not doctors and attorneys, not even the best pastors with the deepest revelations.) Can you imagine how freeing that was?

Finally, I was able to understand that God loves me regardless and always did, even in my lowest points. I was also able to see that the people I was most ashamed in front of were in no better shape as it pertains to flaws, and were in no position to judge the mistakes I'd made. I was able to embrace the love and forgiveness of God and eventually able to forgive myself. After that, the forgiveness and acceptance of others is like an optional feature on a luxury car... it isn't necessary though it is nice when you have it. Do you yet understand what I'm trying to say?

Don't hold your head down and mope around feeling like the scum of the earth or ashamed because you've done dumb things, made foolish decisions and hurt others. WE ALL HAVE. Don't give up on yourself based upon the life you previously lived. Everyone deserves as many chances as it takes to get it right, not just second chances. Give yourself that room to change and don't dare forget or be ashamed of where you come from, whether it is homosexuality, promiscuous living, prostitution, drug use, drug dealing, violence, sexual abuse or mental illness. Honey, that is where your testimony and power lie!
Lacresha Hayes
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