Sunday, March 24, 2013

Are you Enjoying the Journey?

What are your thoughts on embracing the notion of True Responsibility, as set forth in the commentary below (i.e., the third/last excerpt from Chapter X/The True Responsibility of Supporting Others - from my book, A Glimpse of Heaven: The Philosophy of True Health)?
Certainly, a lot of us commonly do not embrace and/or 'enjoy the journey.' We are afraid of changing how we look at things, how we view the world - we intrinsically fear the effort and repercussions of looking objectively at our internal and external environments. We become in-effect, addicted to our world view, and any deviation from our false sense of comfort and security prompts a seemingly innate uneasiness. We allow ourselves to focus our attention almost exclusively on our destination… ignoring the sights along the way - in fear of looking at things in an unblemished fashion. We gather an unhealthful sense of contentment and false security in believing that we know everything, and/or everything we think we need to know about the drive down the same street we have driven hundreds or thousands of times, literally…or analogous of life in general. We reach for, and faithfully clutch onto a perceived-to-be safe and comfortable plateau - a living death while alive. This is not to sound or be harsh: This sad commentary is just that…sad, truly so, when contrasted with wonderfully healthful possibilities of realizing levels of mastery in our lives which are within our reach…higher and higher levels…never ending until the last day, the last moment of our existence here…and maybe in the beyond.

Embracing the notion of taking True Responsibility for ourselves and supporting others' abilities to do the same, enables us to realize greater levels of clarity. It is a bit of heaven which we can glimpse. This level of insight necessitates a healthful philosophical and practical way-of-life in which we can foster ongoing growth - inclusive of a level of mastery over the skill of exercising effort: in these traditions, coined True Effort.
Through True Effort we can learn to gather a True Appreciation of Mastery. In this outlook, being masterful does not include absolute perfection. It means we can gather valuable ever-evolving skills which are congruent with truly deep awareness and appreciation thereof. This practice is requisite of a formidable exercise of free will and self-discipline - true love of, and appreciation for, the miracle of this endless opportunity. Most importantly, it can only be accomplished when we are regularly and selflessly supported in our ability to succeed - AND we do the same for others. It is truly healthful diplomacy, whether between individuals, groups, societies, or countries. It is an appreciative acknowledgement that we are all in the Same Boat. This is True Health…it is the art of life - living it as such…on this Earth together.
Some may say that it sounds as if 'it doesn't get better than that'…but accordingly it does…impeccably so…on-and-on, e.g., Heaven/Perfection - if it exists - a 'place,' so-to-speak, where there is no time, no space, no distance - nothing to hide behind - more than a glimpse of heaven - more than True Health.
None of us can do it alone, but individually, we can take responsibility for ourselves by exercising necessary levels of 'true effort' which empower us to continuously improve - while supporting others' ability to succeed - better insuring that the 'boat' remains more stable/sustainable: As reflected in earlier chapters, "The primary fault of mankind is the notion that you are there and I am here." Accordingly, we are not just in the Same Boat together - we are intrinsically connected in ways which we cannot rationally understand - ways we can only witness.
If all of this is true, it requires True Faith to put it into practice - inclusive of faith in ourselves and others - devoid of the Three Portents/harbingers of all bad tidings: hate, greed, and ignorance. Faith such as this IS True Health. Let it shine.
Bestow a string of faith,
For faith we might have,
Unto the jester of light
In the comedy of reflections,
As we stand upon this stage,
In awe of

Dr. Glen Hepker 

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  1. Love your articles! Though I'm not fully there yet...:) always striving to improve. That's what the journey is about, right? Thanks for inspiring us!