Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Godric's Hollow Meets Pine Island (Isolationism)"

When I’m trapped inside Forever Eternal’s Canyon
And the ocean’s flesh salts my past, but dehydrates.
I float away, adorned with possessions, to where the chosen one lived.
As I lie pouting about mankind’s simplest obligations, I must compare and contrast.
For the vine replenishes regularly, and I must suffer a hemorrhage in accordance
(Isolation for the healthy.  Isolation for the sad.)
(Isolation for the lonely.  Isolation, the good’s gone bad.)

Lonely Room’s Corner to my right
Paid dues to my left, and good people everywhere
Faded bracelets, painted polygamy, Nicole’s long-lasting farewell. 
As I long for previous chances, the scarless doorstep remembers.
Pine Island, birth of memories, lady and a gentleman, fruitful, and they appreciate me. 
(Isolation for the weak.  Isolation for the strong.) 
(Isolation I must shriek.  Isolation, the right’s gone wrong.) 

Olivia, the red-headed, captivating swan. 
Innocent, but embedded in my dreams. 
Oh Julia!  The Japanese Maples and Dogwoods bloom involuntarily! 
I beg thee, I plead to thee, come to me. 
Rain down on me, come, breath, anew me.
As I rest in endless seas, coated with a bronze surface.
The cycle rotates, and I see a wall, covered with positive graffiti. 
Only it’s guarding a broken home. 
Pine Island is my will and the way. 
While enchanted lamp shades darken what could’ve been. 
(Isolation when I’m down.  Isolation when I’m up.)
(Isolation all around.  Isolation says I’m nuts.) 

Family by blood is stronger than a network, guaranteed.
Family networking, I’m not perfect, but Craig Caron is one sentence, and I’m a never-ending story. 
As I lie in a regretful state of mind
The purest definition of courage reveals itself.
While wrapped in swaddling clothes. 
Pine Island, Godric’s Hollow, one is dreamy, and one is home. 
I choose the romantic way, and a compromise. 
(Isolationism because I’m sad.  Isolationism because I’m glad.)
(Isolationism is to blame.  It isn’t, but ignites a flame.)
(Isolationism for growth, but I shrink, because of isolationism.)
(Isolationism is the end.  But it’s also the beginning, because I’m ending isolationism.) 

Peace is its name…..and
RAD is its master. 

Robert Alexander Deason         Peace

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