Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beef or Pork: What's the necessity?

Heard about students organizing some stupid event and some one fighting for a stupid cause??
Those students wanted Beef in their hostel.They say it is an economic food and tasty.
So here it is hurting hindu sentiments? Right?
Tomorrow if some person starts with Pork Eating Festival. Will that be good? Many Feel its tasty-so what?
So here its hurting Islam sentiments? Right?

If people are so educated to understand this ? Then why the hell should someone organize and waste the tears as well as teargas?

You want Beef or Pork? Go home and eat it.

We Indians are divided and ruled. Since 1847. Still dimag ka batti nahi jala.
We have different lifestyles across religions, creed and caste.

Foools.Stop over reacting to the situation,Try something good which can  give Harmony.
These fools who conducted the festival are clearly anti socials trying to spread hatred and create disharmony.
It seems that the students are no more interested in their studies rather interested in matters irrelevant to their goals. The university administration should maintain the ethics and standards while disseminating knowledge. It is very unfortunate that a section of the teaching faculty of OU are also involved in this unhealthy incidents. The Osmania University is one of the oldest temples of learning in the world. Its reputation should not be maligned by unethical practices by the faculty & students.
Beef eaters should eat beef where it is tolerated & not affront others by shamelessly holding"eating festivals" meant to provoke communal violence. Just visualize the after effects of holding a ' pork festival' in a country
where it is taboo! Freedom should be interpreted & practiced judiciously & not in a silly manner.
Now the latest news(just came in while I was writing this blogpost):1 dies in clash at Osmania University over beef festival 
Remember when people in this country just died of hunger? 
Compare this below photos..this makes you what you are.
Where are we going ahead??? 

Prakhyat Rai
twitter : prakzrai

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