Friday, October 11, 2013

I Love My Wife Because...

Jim Ellis

Because there are no words - in this limited language of letters, sentences and punctuation marks - to capture an essence
To capture her
She is free
She can see
The foibles and toils and troubles
She can feel
What it means to live in a world of foibles and toils and troubles
In anxious anticipation of humanity's underbelly
And yet
And yet
And yet she is free
She can see
The beauty, and the garden and the love
All that comes to mere humans from above
In the walk through the desert where the promise of hidden creek keeps her on the trail
In the snuggle with a faithful pet who reflects back the beauty of pure relation
In the giggle that recalls the desperate need to mock all that is false
In the intuitive perceptions that crack the porcelain pretense
In the willingness to give to and be present for others
The same others who reveal not the same presence, willingness, perception, faith, promise, beauty, feeling, essence 
The love
From her
And towards her
Jim Ellis is a writer and filmmaker living in San Diego. His website is
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