Monday, October 21, 2013


by PA Davis

Are you the weaker sex, or am I? I ask you this because you said you weren’t going to do that. I never dreamed you could, not in a crowd of friends. Do you feel so weak that you have to belittle me like that?
When we came here tonight we agreed there would be no revealing of secrets. What happened last week, last year happened. You said it wasn’t a point we needed to rehash. You nodded, and there was that funny little smirk that I’ve come to expect. You promised it wouldn’t be this way, and yet, here we are.
Why did you have to tell them? I did what I did. It’s over, fini. And then you cut my flesh like a knife with your words and my blood flowed in branches of red. You stripped me bare to our friends. How could you?
I told myself I wouldn’t cry, but you bring me to the brink.
I won’t let you win this way.

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