Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Hungry Kitty

by Sandy Hartman 

Look outside
A yellow cat
The neighbors up and left him flat
He's at my door more and more
Where do they come from
Those yellow cats?
Perhaps from weeds
Perchance from trees
Or yellow flowers that make us sneeze

Oh well, ignore him
We just won’t look
He will find another nook
He will have to go

Oh!  Oh!
He won't take "No"
He simply will not go
I’m asking you
What should we do?
Should we stop and think this through?

Oh, no!
Stop indeed!
Look!  Just look!
Is that a skinny rib I see?
Or maybe two or maybe three
Why he’s hungry
Hungry as can be
Yes! without a doubt
Those skinny ribs are poking out
Well, it is quite true
And it simply will not due

Let's feed him peas
And chocolate treats
Or cans of beans and pickled beets
“Oh no!” you say
"That’s not his way?”
What is better yet?
What will do?
I know
Let's feed him meat and milk and fish!
Now there’s a proper kitty dish
And look!
I think I see a fishy grin
Right behind those whiskers clean and prim

So, here’s the facts
We will feed him kitty snacks
And tasty bits that please a cat
Soon we'll see that skinny kitty
Becoming plump and nicely fat

But now of course you know
He's ours
Ours to care for
Ours to own
Ours to love and ours to hold

Well now, I hope that suits you!
Because it suits me fine
And I must say. . .
It suits me sweetly so!

c 10/14/09
Sandy Hartman

Kids and kittys.  What enticing subjects to build a poem on both for beginning writers, experienced writers, and those souls who just want to take time out for a bit of fun.  Yet I always try to keep in mind the many other creatures of this Earth who also deserve the attention of the poet's pen.  Diversion for the harried writer might be an ongoing collection of animal haiku. . .for the precise writer, sonnets from the wild. . .lessons from Aesop in rhyme, poetic notes from observation, and the list is endless.  All are a good antidote for the current popular genre of poetry based on self discovery and involvement.  I submit that the selves we are truly cannot survive without our deep understanding and regard for the others of our creation.
If you wish to hear the audio reading and the accompanying photos for A Hungry Kitty, as well as other poems, please go to my site at
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Sandy is a member of the Jacksonville branch of the National League of American Pen Women

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