Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Choose love, lust like winter.

by Deena Tunstall 
Never forget your worth. Don't give your time to someone who doesn't want you madly. Isn't excited to see you, every. single. time. First and last. You are intriguing and baffling in your own sense. You are like a puzzle, only certain pieces fit. Pieces that you have to find, try and test. Kiss only the lips that electrify you. Want the people that want you unconditionally and not just for now. Fall for the mind, it never changes. Feel honestly, sincerely. Act with the intentions in your heart, truly. As regardless of whether anyone finds out your indiscretions, you are still being judged. If not by others by yourself. Find beauty where it is never looked for. Be more than just a physicality, be a mindful entity. Deena Tunstall
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  1. Love your short and concise poetry!
    Sorry about the glitch in formatting...something is out of whack.