Friday, September 13, 2013


Sandy Hartman

A hundred year wisteria twined and grew around an ancient oak of mighty size
       lost in the forgotten scruff and shrub of a garden gone wild
Free at last to grow its own way in the green smothered acre
A great vine grown so large
I could not begin to encircle it with my arms

I would stand there on bright spring days following its trail
Up through the tree canopy until it disappeared into sunlight and leaf shadow
        scattering my thoughts to the breezes.
Just what, I wondered, would some wandering bird see as it looked down
        upon the immense profusion of flowers
That surely draped in lavish beauty all through the upper branches

And how was it possible that this great oak could hold the weight
         of such a massive wonder
As though it were but feathers in the wind

c  3/06    Sandy Hartman

What lovely things are words!  . . .and the dreams they take us on.
Sandy Hartman
You can listen to Sandy read out her poems on her marvelous website:
Sandy Hartman is a regular contributor to WGT. She is a Pen Woman of the Jacksonville Chapter.

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