Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Tuck of Me

Especially written for WGT (This is a first!)
By Christy Birmingham

You tuck me into a file you mark The Maker
And I wonder if you mean to call it The Marker
Because you put spots all over the visions that
I have of everyone else. They don’t compare to you.

You tuck me into your pocket square and you
Tell me to hold tight until you have enough
Money for the ring. You don’t realize how tightly
I hold you in my heart already.

I dance within the folds of the file,
While you choose the daily pocket square, and
We take some time for the circle that appears
As we wrap our arms around one another.

The ring is a far second to your lips on mine.

Christy Birmingham is an author, poet and freelance writer who resides in British Columbia, Canada. To read more of Christy Birmingham's poetry, check out her book "Pathways to Illumination," available exclusively at Redmund Productions. Also, connect with her at her blog Poetic Parfait and on Twitter


  1. Thank-you for having me on such a wonderful site! The post looks great here :)

  2. Beautiful work Christy!

  3. ahh Christy awesome my friend :)

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  5. Oversell, undeliver. The story of many love affairs. And when the promise can't be kept they feel as if they failed and they run to avoid that feeling when upon communicating the realization that they were enough might have saved everything. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Oh those communication issues... Thanks for the comment here and insight.

  6. Beautiful poem very touching Christy Amalia