Friday, May 10, 2013

Dark Night of the Dinosaur

Dive deep
Wild child of the night
Playmates gone
Supper’s over
Jammies on
Time for bed
Lights are off

It’s very quiet . . . quiet . . . quiet
A l l   a t   o n c e!
A big ole’ dinosaur jumps straight inside his head!
No!   no, not a dinosaur - better’n that
A long nose scissor tooth grinning fishy-eyed ichthyosaur
One from the picture book 
Green thrashing around right inside his head!
Swimmin’ in an ocean eatin’ everything in sight
A BIG crashing scaly water dragon
Better’n anything walking anywhere
Eating a whole tyrannosaur that’s walkin’ in the water
Underwater dragon goes down,  down,   down . . . down . . . down

Where lights are off 
And no one’s home . . .
And everything is quiet . . .
But sleep’s not there
A big black shadow sneaks across the wall
Oh no!
Tyrannosaur comes back for revenge!
Wild child rises to the challenge
And grabs his truck beside the bed
Truckasaurus flies everywhere
No one can escape
He flatfoot gallops on bare feet around the room
Pounce!   Attack!
On every toy that sits around the bed
Yea!   Here comes streakasaurus to the fight!
Streakasaurus grabs tyrannosaur by the neck
Tyrannosaur rears up and roars with his big claws slashing
Slashing,  slashing,    slashing . . . slashing

Then, he falls right off the pillow
And  s  l  i  d  e  s  down the covers to the floor
Down, down, down a thousand miles deep
. . . Bump
Into sleep . . . into dreams . . .

From the doorway slightly closing
A slim blade of light slices across the wall
Then the latch resets itself noiselessly
Supersaur backs away and tiptoes lightly
Gently turning lights off down the hall . . .

©  Sandy Hartman                          


Reading poetry aloud has always been a joy for me.  A friend once remarked that I would read aloud to a tree stump if given the chance.  Well, she was wrong. . .I will read to the wind or an empty room should a power packed  poem or gorgeous paean come my way.  Dark Night of the Dinosaur was especially fun because of its audio challenge.  It is posted on my web site  along with other other poems and the many, many photos from flickr photoshare, Getty Images, and Google images. You are invited.

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