Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Book Nobody Wanted

Tonight I closed the pages on a book that people said they were looking forward to reading.
After seven months and only three US sales and none in the UK, I bought the book. So that at least it had one sale when the pages shut.
It was a part of the Pat Canella series that started with Dockland murders and was to go on after this book, but there is no point now.
A sad farewell as she sank below the waves.Al           


Chronicles of Mark Johnson
Alan Place, Seal No. 10012208

Mark Johnson one time golden boy of the glamour scene, gets tired of the shallow life. Longing for the real people and photographs he turns his back on the world, his only contact being his long time friend and agent Phil Moore. Like all good photographers it isn't long before the real side of photography leads Mark to start taking a new look at his life, one day he sees a girl at the window of an a derelict house. This leads to the first of many mysteries.

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