Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Save the Children

Much is being bandied about nowadays during the run up to the presidential election, along with its accompanying state and local elections, regarding the hotly contested issue of reproductive rights, family values, rights to life, and the right to choose.  The diligent campaign watcher can barely catch a breath between traded political zingers and accusations, and the confessions of outrage and piety regarding this seemingly all consuming issue.  But somewhere in the heat of rhetoric, I feel a very important element is missing - the children themselves who must live the realities of the lifetimes we have brought them to for better or worse.  For many millions of them, it has not been easy. . .for many, even cruel.
     It is in their honor that I have posted the poem Save the Children along with its audio reading and photographs on my web site
I wish to thank    for its inexhaustible cache of wonderful photos from around the world and for making those photos available for all of us to share.  If you enjoy the site, please post it or pass it on to others since there are no ads,links, blogs or comments on the site itself.
Sandy Hartman

                               Save the Children

        Within every child lies the heart of the universe
        And the wish to be so
        Each child filled with bright eyed curiosity
        Each child filled with need
        The need to care and be cared for
        The need to be proud before their kind

        What has happened to us, their protectors
        What has happened to our hearts
       That we have created so many children
       That we cannot care for them
        So many that we must let them grow up hungry
        Hungry in mind, hungry in body
        Hungry in spirit

       By what right do we claim Heaven
       When so many innocent hearts are betrayed
       Lost and left to struggle
       c 9/08/09
Sandy Hartman
Member of NLAPW , Jacksonville branch

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  1. Sandy's poems are eye-openers stemming from a profound knowledge of issues, world affairs and a immense compassion. Please go to her fantastic (ads free) website to enjoy the audio version of her poems: The poet reads aloud!