Saturday, November 10, 2012

Artist with Newborn


Artist with Newborn
at her breast,  robe slips silk,
her shoulders, left arm cramps above
joint, as she nurses her son, 2 a.m. Floor
lamp  illuminates her,

she perches on a stool.
Face -to -faces her easel.
Right arm brushes, strokes, feathers, teases
paint, baby clutches. Nurture flows
through her. Color flows from her. Sleeve slips,
slides up muscled forearm, white wrist where
her watch band blocks sun's rays. Days she pushes
his stroller, he dozes, she dreams
of dancing.

Other breast peeks from robe
matches rhythm,  painting process,
she evokes a face from mystery,
until rainbow eyes gaze into hers.
Baby hiccups, his bare heel spasms,
smears paint, paper. She must relinquish
a brush to wipe his foot, his mark remains

on her painting (her heart) their composition.
She lifts him close with crooked elbow,  kisses
his tufted head.  She rocks  on her stool.
He sleeps against her shoulder. Drools
down her skin. She does not care.
She picks up the brush.
There is so

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