Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Remember, Remember the 10th of December

I chose this political topic to start off our new series of interesting, important articles as it is time sensitive.  I know it may be controversial, but when wrong has been done to a country on an ongoing basis, I like to point that out. Unfortunately, due to the time difference, I missed the timing for the rally call.

Remember Remember the 10th of December , the day that the Government Fell ,
And we lent them a hand with a final demand that would see them all go to hell ! 

With a ne'r by your leave nor a tug at the sleeve for the things that we asked for right ! 
While they blackened our name and tried to defame us with talk of violence and Fight .

Well , a fight they have got , and one that is not , of the type they tried sell to the press , 
And our numbers will swell and we'll see them to hell in the wake of their own sorry mess . 

And it won't be a few that wash that whole crew right out of the Dail you can bet , 
For the days now are numbered for those that encumbered the People of Ireland with debt . 

So now God please save us from those that enslave us and help us to stand up with pride ,
And banish the ones that dance for the huns and got there because they have lied . 

We need faith in ourselves and to find that which dwells way down in the depth of our soul , 
A bond that unites and takes us to hight's of virtues that we can extol .

So now can't you see united of course ,
we can make this small country a place ,
Where the riches bestowed are a gift not a load to be taken for profit by force . 

So Remember Remember the 10th of December the day that the Government Fell ,
They are weak we are strong it is time they were gone and it's probably just as well . 

For they rule by ' Consent ' and the promises lent to the will of the people they serve , 
Now we've seen through their scam it is time they were ran and get just what they deserve .

For they lied and we cried and we let it be known , that this pain it is too much to bear ,
But from ivory towers they spend what is ours and they do it without any care .

And they don't feel our pain as we stand in the rain , sometimes you would think it's no use ,
But take heart Ochone for you stand not alone , and we'll take no more of their abuse .

If we take back our Isle then fortune will smile on a people united and strong , 
But divided we'll fall and dance to their call and that would be terribly wrong . 

We don't do this just , for our own selfish gain , we do it for each generation ,
For the ones still to come and the ones too long gone that we hold in great veneration .

When your children grow up and they ask you............................... "Where were you , on the 10th of December " ?
Don't let it be said as they put 'YOU' to bed , that ..... "I'm sorry I just don't remember " ! 

So ....Remember Remember the 10th of December , BRING OUT FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS AS WELL , 
And let it be known in every town ' TWAS....... 

Raymond Whitehead, Dublin Ireland
Co-Founder of the Democracy Direct Now

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