Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Free Olympus Union Novella "Arrival of the Elite"

We're so happy when our contributors release a new book. Congrats, Gary Bloom!

Olympus Union Releases 2nd Ticonderoga Novella: “Arrival of the Elite”.... click here to read the full press release!  l

The two Ares Elite arrived at precisely eight fifty-nine the next morning. Instead of knocking, however, the pair proceeded to wait patiently outside Captain Deane's door until nine. Their new CO shook his head and stifled a smirk. How strange it was to go so many months without humor. Stranger yet was that the behavior of the Olympus Union’s super soldiers, of all people, brought him a reason to find mirth. Their maniacal attention to orders was ingratiating, all the same.
The Captain knew he wouldn’t actually need to invite them into the office. This breed of soldier was so utterly predictable sometimes. Silas couldn’t decide if that was amusing or sad. None of these men had always been like this, he knew; it was all about the conditioning program. 
Perhaps he’d be able to ease that conditioning. Complaints had been levied about the Ares Elite in the past. Often, however, it came across as jealousy from the lower soldiers. Never had a commanding officer sought to divert from the stringent drilling. It was something that bore consideration.
Moments later, when the clock struck precisely nine o’clock, the soldiers stepped inside. He looked up from his thought as they marched in, one behind the other. They arrived precisely on time, just as they were ordered the afternoon before. There was no arriving early, because he didn’t say ‘by nine’ but at nine. As a military man, he should be pleased. For some reason, though, he wasn’t.

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Earth's wars were never exclusive to Earth!

Jeremy Hunter
The Past Repeated
Drawing Battle Lines
The Future Reborn

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