Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Entice Me -- To a better way of living

A chick lit novel, surely you must be kidding? One of the hardest genres to sell to the masses to be is Fiction and then chick lit, the genre itself believed to be dying breed. But never for a moment did I doubt that chick lit would desert us. Why? Because I personally love a chick lit novel, portraying women in interesting situations and of course involving incredibly hot men that will spurs on our romantic heart’s to believe there are such fairy tale endings in real life.
So why write Entice Me? Entice Me has become a self-help book for me and many women who read it. To evoke thought about what direction you want to travel and not let a moment waste in chasing your dreams. Of course self-confidence, finances and relationships can all add obstacles and challenges. Entice Me is not short of these interesting turn of events and will not hesitate in delving in the bigger issues such as eating disorders, feminist issues in the work place and work/life balance. Please note as serious these issues, a chick lit wouldn’t be right without romance, seduction, friendships, travel and delicious looking men.
The main characters, Miranda, Grace and Louise all form friendships through their working careers sharing their personalities and outlooks on life throughout their journey’s. Miranda a workaholic faces a major life change when everything in her world falls apart. Louise working in a high powered position in an all male company discovers relationships can change in an instant. Grace is a free spirit who finds love in the most unusual circumstance. Then there is Sally, a jealous, manipulative, superficial woman who wants nothing more than to be the best in the recruitment business and will stop at nothing to win. This eventful, light read will have you hooked as you learn more about each character and their love interests that will take you around France, Spain and Australia.
Other books by Melanie Toye include, ‘Activities for Babies-when toys are not enough’, ‘Kids, write your own stories’ and ‘Annabelle’s Angels’. Children of all ages will love these books. Next in line to be released is Destiny Lane a fantasy romance novel for adults that will surely heighten your mind’s imagination as you read through a woman’s journey living in two world’s and what life purpose she needs to discover to return to living in one.
Melanie has been in a range of media promoting the need for all to chase their dreams especially in times of insecurity where job losses are becoming more common and finding work even more difficult. Taking time to really discover your true calling will be the ultimate in ensuring you live your life they way you always dreamed it would be. 
Melanie Toye

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