Monday, July 16, 2012

Today I was faced with a real dilemma. A post showed up on facebook today telling us we should “Annoy the Pope and read our book.” Our book has werewolves, zombies and dragons in it. A couple of people have told us they won’t read it due to having un natural beings in it. They weren’t God made. I was told I should use that to my advantage. But at what price am I using it to my advantage by poking fun at Christians or more importantly God? This isn’t about whether you do or don’t believe in God, it’s about what I believe and what I feel is right. Maybe its because I am from the mid-west. Maybe it’s because I have been made fun of due to being from a single parent growing up in the 70’s in a small town. If I went to church I was made to feel different by others. I never wanted to do that to others.

A good friend told me I don’t have to jump on every band wagon that is a selling idea or marketing idea. I won’t hurt anyone or use anyone or cheat anyone. I guess I am what some might call an honest salesperson? Some would call a really bad salesperson. But I have to go with what I feel is right, whether it’s popular or not. I don’t claim to be self-righteous or a bible thumper, but then again, like Kim (n.b.: founder of Masterkoda on FB--S.Buckley))said, if it doesn’t feel right in your gut or heart. You don’t have to do it just to make a sale! Thumbing your nose at “the Man” or thumbing your nose at people in general, I have no problem with thumbing my nose at people in general but I do where religion is involved. Like the old saying goes, don’t discuss politics, religion or,, can’t remember the last one. I guess what I am trying to say, if I don’t think its the right thing to do as far as marketing goes, then I will not be doing it. Is there a possibility that I could miss the boat on potential hundreds of sales? Yeah, but at what cost?

My son and I made promises to each other when we began this journey back in 2009. He promised we would get it written and I promised we would get it published and get it out there. I had no idea how to do either at the time. I have worked continually since then on getting it published and now marketing it. But today when I came across that post, it made me think. “Am I doing the right thing?” Do I have what it takes to market no matter what?” I had to face the truth of, no. I don’t have what it takes to market no matter what. But I can market in ways that won’t leave me feeling bad or like I took advantage or hurt someone else in the process too. I am sure there are marketing guru’s everywhere laughing at people like me right now because I am not like a shark in chummed waters going for that sale. But I have to look at myself at the end of the day and I have to look at my son at the end of the day. Will he be proud of who I am and who we present ourselves to be? To sum it all up in this rambling of a post, Will I be the next Donald Trump or the next Mark Zuckerburg? I seriously doubt it. But will I be able to be proud of who we are and what we represent in a time and age of instant gratification and the all mighty dollar? The answer is, “Yes.” Does this mean we could potentially be sacrificing sales? Again, probably yes. But I am keeping the promise to my son and leaving a legacy for him to follow. One he can be proud of.
Wendy Siefken
Charles Siefken


  1. Great post, I totaly agree.

    Carol x

  2. I do as well, I am like that with ALL my writing, Siggy. At the end of the day I have to look myself in the face and think is this how I want to be thought of?
    Which is why, no matter how many millions E L what's her name gets for that book, I am not compromising my values besides which I couldn't write that style.

  3. I always enjoy to see comments here.Thanks. In principle, Alan, you're right, I have to admit although a portion of that million would be nice...:)? And then you can go on with your true you. Just saying...