Saturday, July 14, 2012


I grew up in the Waldo Canyon - Colorado Springs area

where some of the largest mountain fires are currently
are occurring.   The severe drought in the deep southwest
deeply affects me even though I no longer live there. 
Drought! by R Childress

Morning again, parched dry as death
Its frail glow waiting for another day
Adrift in the sifting dusts of drought
Scorched wisps of clouds
Fade in the heat smothered sun
Choking the last hope of rain
Wrapping my bones in a brown paper shroud

I want to rage against the outrage
Beat my fist against it
Twist free of this fire I cannot run from
Gather reason, protest, organize, negotiate
Go door to door and stir my complacent neighbors
Alert them to this relentless, unreasoning assault
On all that is my green mother world
Stop the burning away of life that leaves me orphaned
Bereft of all that made me, protected me, sustained me
All that I am

But I know in each moment beforehand
That they’ll just look right through me and say
Oh yes, it is so terribly hot
N’ it just won’t let up
We need rain bad
Then they’ll go on their way in silence
Knowing, like me, it’s already too late

C  7/9/12   Sandy Hartman

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