Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Old Church Ghosts

About nine moths ago I wrote the ghost story "The old church ghosts," it is based around a church in Clevedon, Avon. I lived there for over 25 years, so I know the area very well. When I finished this story I said to three close friends "I don't like it, it will be just my luck if it turned into a best seller." How prophetic, it may not be a best seller as in sales but it certainly is one of the most popular I have written. I think my dislike stems from apart from it not feeling right, I felt I had let my friends down as it is just over 1,000 words long, whereas the first two I did came in at over 7,000 each.

On the other side of the coin is my Chronicles series that has just come out, this set of what was going to be four books is close to my heart as I am an ex-photographer. Sadly, my liking for this series appears to have given it the kiss of death as there has been no interest in sales, despite a great on line following. Even one friend who said she would get it, has not bought a copy. Apart from doing well because I like the stories, I wanted it do something to show my appreciation to my editor Carol Wills and my friends Angela Priest who did the cover and colour inserts.

Alan Place

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