Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Welcoming my second guest from the TTC VBT: Catrina Taylor Rudd

Music and my Muse 

I'm a lively and often social kind of person. I am energized by music, people and life. Often when I write though, silence is my best friend. Odd as that may sound, my most productive days writing are spent in silence. No children, of which I have two that I adore (aka distraciton), no music because I enjoy dancing to it, and no internet, well I'm sure you understand why. Distraction free writing is the only way I find a productive rhythm. Each person enjoys a different venue, but I enjoy simple uninterrupted silence.   

On the rare occasions that my muse and I pull up music during work time, it is typical to put a specific mindset about the scene being worked on. During the actual writing process though, the music typically ends after a song or two. As productivity being key, music and my muse rarely meet. 

About the Author

Catrina Taylor is a dynamic author with a passion for science fiction and her children. She strives to create on going worlds developed to tantalize the imagination and encourage readers to dance through the story. This character driven author can be read at or found on facebook at and on twitter as TheLadyWrites

Currently available are two free short stories, Below the Surface and Change by Design and her debut novel: Birth of an Empire is on sale right now through all major online retailers.
 With Love Project:
With Love
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Catrina Taylor Rudd 


  1. Great post Catrina. I've been surprised by how many writers need silence to write.

  2. Same here. While I could do homework in high school with loud rock music, now I need peace and quiet...