Monday, June 4, 2012

Allegory for a Trucker

Here I am just drivin' down the interstate
Me 'n my big ole’ rig
Goin' where I always go
Doin’ what I always do
Drivin' here                                                                                       
Drivin' there
Always drivin' somewhere ‘cause it’s supposed to be important

Well, someday I'm gonna' just keep drivin' right on outta’ here
Drivin' West
That's it
Gonna' drive West
Past everything and everybody
Drive west to Fresno, that’s where
Some say there's a philosopher out there
Maybe some sort of holy man, someone special
Yeah!   There in Fresno
Knows everything
That's what they tell me,  knows everything

Gonna' find 'em
Gonna' sit down and ask ‘em what I need to know
How come’s everybody just drivin'?
Drivin’ around
Drivin' here
Drivin' there
Lookin’ for some’em
What’er they supposed ‘t be lookin’ for?
All those people just passin' things by
Lookin' for some’em

Some 'er crackin' up on the roadside
'Nothers are gettin' lost on the highway
‘N some ’er just tellin' themselves they're busy lookin’
Got stuff to do, know what I mean?
But hell
They're just drivin'  hope'n they know the way
Those rest stops 'er full of people
Thinkin' they're on the way ‘t somewhere
That just makes me feel kinda’ lonely sometimes
Seein’ all those people together here and there
But then they’ll gas up and keep right on drivin'

Some claim they got a special road map
Know where we’re supposed to be goin’
But hell, that don't mean nuthin'
They're all different
Ain't none of 'em the same!

Maybe that holy man’ll tell me what I wanna’ know
I’ll think about it all right - think about it plenty
Then I'll just drive right on outta' here to some place real
Some place where I'll know why I drive ‘n where I’m goin’ 
‘N I'm gonna' park this big ole’ rig at a fine new truck stop
Gonna' go in ’n get myself a shower                                       
Then sit myself down at the counter
‘Order me a big plate of chili smothered 'n covered
Gonna' sit there and think about it over big cups of black coffee
‘N maybe I’ll finally know something for sure
‘Cause what we think's goin’ on around here sure as hell ain't what we think it is  
Sandy Hartman

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