Thursday, May 17, 2012

Old Odd Man: A Poem

He woke up from his bed, getting ready for school
His back hurt him much, but he ignored it as a fool
He walked to his bathroom; he forgot to close the door
Someone called him “Hunnie did you take your medicine?”
“What medicine mum?”, then he looked down to the floor
It was a reflection of an old man, and a wrinkled skin

He hurried to the mirror, and it was him, the real 
He panicked, and started Screaming what he feels
He heard fast foot steps on the stairs coming to him
And when she appeared he got paralyzed, numb
she looked at him for a second, his face was so grim
She said “I’m your wife”, and he felt so dumb

 Then He told her in a low pitched voice “what did I miss?”
Was I in a coma and I just woke up, just give me a glimpse”
Then She said to him “No, not at all you did not miss anything
Due to a problem in your brain you will be able to remember childhood only”
“What problem will I die?, is it tumour?, just say anything!”
She cried “No do not worry it is just dementia”, a truth that is so ugly

A Minute later he asked his wife if he can play football or not
She was not shocked, she remembered his memory year by year will rot
Though She whipped her tears and brought him his sleep pills
So he can rest, and stop thinking about issues he will later forget
 Just Another empty day, wife life, with depression is filled
She many times wished him peacefulness of death

Because if he stays like things on him will get tougher
And he will not be able to endure it and surely he will suffer
Even if he forgets what happened, the physical pain will remain
And pain cannot be forgot, it strikes every now and then
She even thought about giving up to him her brain
When she remembered god words and said “amen”

Written By: Adel M. Fakhry, 17 Yo
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  1. And oh, how it hurts not only the one lost but also the one waiting. Happening too much nowadays, but youth and those full of their own power and hubris cannot understand. . .such things won't happen to them.
    Sandy Hartman

    1. That's completely true, most of the young people do not think about it, but i just gave a thought and imagined how it would be. So I wrote this poem, and I'm still 18 :)