Sunday, May 6, 2012

Japanese Maples and Dogwoods

All around the revolving ball of flames
A day in the hay makes way for the blooms of May.
Japanese Maples and Dogwoods….
Azaleas and Marigolds, groundcover for purple and white kings
And the hydrangea smiles while bluebirds beam.
Periwinkles wink at Snapdragons whom shed angel’s wings.
While lullabies overrun ballads, and a ballad describes a name.
And a heart aches, and a soul breaks….
I long for the story, and the definition of a dream.
Japanese Maples and Dogwoods….
Willows weeping, tulips creeping, and a fresh surface adorned in green.
Lantana blended with divinity and sincerity.
Wax Begonias blended with an orange mane.
A hidden voice pollinates colors while enriching fresh waters hymns.
And African Violets exhale through vines replenished with diamond sugar-cane.
While imagining enlightened caverns drowning in your beauty’s gleam.
Japanese Maples and Dogwoods….
And Pansies grow in the winter-time.
For solstices change due to divine Petunias in Heaven’s name.
With Gladiola’s gladly gathering in spite of rainy days
Azaleas and Marigolds, groundcover for purple and white kings
:) These lilies are for you.
Because perfection deserves Jehovah’s resurrected sunflowers’ seedlings.
You, dearest daughter of Eve, are a Queen.
Robert Alexander Deason           Peace
© All Rights Reserved

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