Monday, February 20, 2012

A Pain In The Tax Bracket

Tax Time 
She is preparing for tax time
Forms, pencil, and a new Pink Pearl eraser
All lined up
At perfect angles from each other
Yet several degrees from her mind.
Numbers, equations, and receipts,
Crumpled invoices in the back of drawers,
She would pull out her hair
But she needs to preserve the few strands
That are still dark brown naturally.
She opens the booklet
And writes down her address,
Ah yes I am here, she thinks,
I bought this house
I must be able to figure out these numbers by myself.
With a laugh, a sigh, and a hand that feels a bit lighter,
she continues on to the next line
And on to her next thought.
Obstacles are not easy by nature. Nurture yourself and remember you WILL get through the difficult times.

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