Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fatal Compulsions

My first book came out yesterday and I am so excited.  I have a second book coming out this Fall as well.
Fatal Compulsions is the story of Audry Sampson, a forensic psychologist with a gift for solving the hardest puzzles of dark human motivation.  But when men are being murdered by complete strangers across the country, she is faced with a puzzle that refuses understanding. The murders seem simple, solved quickly and prosecuted cleanly, with no connection to each other...  Except one thing: The murderers have no idea why they killed their victims. Only able to murmur, "He won't be able to hurt her now," their confusion pulls Audry into a mystery that refuses solving... Until a new victim turns up.

"Don was on his way back to his hotel room after meeting up with a few old friends for a nightcap at one of the local bars in Madison. He had decided that a nice quiet drive would clear his mind and since he would be leaving town in less than forty hours, it would be nice to sort of say goodbye to the area as he didn’t know when he’d be back out this way for a while.
Randomly choosing a road and cranking on some old school country music, he meandered down one lane after another, enjoying the solitude and the autumnal Georgia night.
Just as he rounded a curve in the road, his car lights slid off of a silvery figure off to one side of the road that was making its way into his lane. Thinking it was a deer, Don slammed on his brakes in an effort not to hit the animal. He gripped the wheel, maintaining control of his car, and the vehicle quickly shuddered to a screeching halt. Don glanced out of his rearview mirror, expecting to see the tail end of the animal as it disappeared into the woods.
What he saw drew an exclamation of disbelief from his lips."
L. T. Bentley

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