Friday, January 13, 2012

Are Restaurants Aware of Portion Control?

I haven't had potatoes for ten months. I wasn't craving them I just wanted a few  French fries.
I decided on my local Five Guys restaurant. I was told their fries were the best. Forget eating the burger I'm vegetarian. So I go into my local Five Guys to order fries. The potatoes of the day was from Idaho. I order my fries with no salt. The guy drops the basket of fries in the peanut oil. He drains the excess oil and place the entire basket of fries into a brown bag. Who's order is that I asked, and he gives me the bag. I was shocked I ate six fries and dumped the rest into an outside trash bin. Do I look too skinny? Or maybe  this guy thought I should eat more.
Does Five Guys know about portion control?
America has an obesity problem, and nobody seems concerned.
I did it - so can you!
Wake up America!

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