Friday, May 1, 2015

The Art of Self-Publishing -- Part II

So you have written a book and want to launch your baby out into the world? With my first book Next Time Lucky  I went through all the hoops to find an agent. After over 100  polite "No thank yous", a "very timely novel, but..." and some other gentle turn-me downs while encouraging my fresh writing style, I thought I had hit the jack pot. An agent from CA called me on a Saturday around lunch time --early in LA! She was even more excited than I was mentioning film rights! She just knew the right people in the industry and the perfect actress - Goldie Hawn- to play my protagonist, the matchmaker from Dublin.

With all the excitement, I totally forgot the migraine I was nursing. My best friend and mentor, Millie (RIP), found my good fortune this reason enough to send me a bouquet of flowers congratulating me on my imminent success and fame.

18 months later while I lived in suspended animation, it became evident even to me and my disillusioned, vainglorious, yet ambitious self, that this lady wasn't going anywhere. The promised movie rights would have been sold to her son for $1. Allegedly, he worked for a movie company -- in what capacity I never found out. Your guess is as good as mine. In the interim, I had learned about Preditors & Editors. Alas, too late!

The book was ready, overripe really, and something needed to be done before the timely touch turned into the timeless touch of a zombie.

I decided to self-pub. With my latest book I dared to send my manuscript to a few publishing houses. A big no-no, as I was told years ago. The ones I chose did accept submissions by email, yet never deigned to answer or even acknowledge the receipt of my book. So much for that.

I Once Had a Farm in Ireland is now up on Amazon for pre-order. Its paperback version will follow as soon as hubby as completed the complicated requirements of formatting. I use the remaining time until my chosen launch date, May 14, to send press releases out. Google Press Release and you'll find a number of websites where to publish your good news at no cost. They will also give you samples how to do that.
Next, I will also refresh my connections with the local papers and TV stations by sending them the news release.
For a while, release parties were popular on Facebook. Have you attended any? Did they work for you? I'd be curious to know.
Then there is the minor matter of a media kit. More about that in my next blog.
Siggy Buckley
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