Sunday, May 17, 2015

Land of Mist and Moon

Below is the poem that was just published in the Pen Women anthology Poems of the Super Moon for consideration as a Poem of the week.

Land of mist and moon,
            snow and flower,
song-like sounds of the wind
            shiver through trees,
shaking moonlight and moonlit patterns
            on blue white snow,
glittering glaze and shadow shapes --
            midnight artistic masterpiece.

Cowering in shadow with bent head,
            a snowdrop sees only a snowy landscape,
yet a symbol of hope and of death;
close to the ground where death lingers
underneath snow-packed cemeteries,
where layers of dead, dried leaves --
autumn leftovers --
protect root systems that will come alive
            with the spring thaw.

Before sun replaces moonlight
a mist moves in and settles,
curls up like a cat on a fleece blanket
            dreaming of a land of mist and moon,
                        snow and flower.

Dorothy Kamm
Member-at-large of
The National League of American Pen Women was founded by five adventurous and ambitious women writers in 1897 because the literary world they wanted to conquer as journalists was exclusively a male domain. Barred from the all-male Press Club, their indignation about such discrimination against women made them decide to do something about it.  Now there are branches all over the United States. Check us out!


  1. Great to have a new contributor- and a Pen Woman at that! Congrats on making it into the Pen Women's new anthology.

  2. This poems is beautiful. It moves like a mist into the deeper parts of our consciousness.