Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Real Advice For The Unemployed

RealAdviceForTheUnemployed speaks to the real human and heart wrenching aspects of unemployment. In it, we deal with a wide variety of the complications including finances, housing, relationships, career opportunities, as well as the toll unemployment takes on all who experience it.                                           

Most importantly, we help you look for solutions that will actually work for you based upon your personal situation.  From getting yourself whole again, to aiding you in finding new employment, RealAdviceForTheUnemployed has it all.Finally, THE definitive book that’s offers real advice and counsel on how to navigate your way through what could be the most difficult situation you have ever experienced.

deals with real life and the real realities of unemployment and offers ideas and solutions for all who find themselves unemployed and not thinking or acting so clearly.

RealAdviceForTheUnemployed offers real advice on relationship meltdowns, financial meltdowns, social networking, how to handle your friends and family, and the anger, frustration, humiliation and your overall state of emotional wellness. RealAdviceForTheUnemployed doesn’t gloss over anything.

RealAdviceForTheUnemployed is a timely, truthful and humorous book that delivers on real advice for real people who find themselves unemployed, underemployed, or just career challenged.

It's full of stories and solutions that describe and really deal with the personal chaos and incredibly insane choices you may be faced with: From repairing frayed relationships, getting yourself back on your game,  saving the house, to handling those nasty phone calls and bill collectors. If you need to get back from here to here, this is your book!

This is definitely not your usual “self-help” or career advice book. RealAdviceForTheUnemployed serves as a timely and truly humorous book that delivers on real advice for the unemployed, underemployed, and career challenged. It's full of stories describing the personal chaos and incredibly insane problems (and how to solve them) brought on by unemployment: From getting back on your career path, repairing frayed relationships, saving the house, Government assistance, and handling those oh so nasty letters and phone calls.                                                                                                                            

“Finally, someone has written a real book for real people that is full of real stories and solid advice for the millions of Americans who have come face to face with the miseries of unemployment. Framed around stories that are written in human terms that everyone can identify with, this personal and very entertaining book truly understands the human portion of unemployment issues and offers solid solutions to the emotional and financial problems so many American’s are currently faced with." (Review)

Listed on Amazon's Best Seller list, RealAdviceForThe Unemployed is available in its new upgraded version at
In addition to a variety of fiction stories Samuel Murphy has published, he has also authored many short, non fiction works giving rather skewed --as he calls it--but real advice on family matters, employment, finances, child rearing, and all types of relationships. (most currently for Akashic Book’s Terrible Tuesdays, Unhinged Magazine, and Flash. Recently he had stories placed with Akashic books, flash fiction magazine, Unhinged magazine.

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