Monday, August 26, 2013

(WWII) A Grandfathers Story

By Dawn Torrens

An ambush took them by surprise,
Comrades falling all around,
A soldier finds sanctuary in a hollow tree,
The only one left he now realized.

The enemy makes camp all around he did see,
While the lone soldier remains still and dares not breathe,
Silent he remains until the arrival of sunrise,
Greeted by the sight of fallen comrades laid out before his eyes.

No enemy insight just the lingering smell of death,
He searches the dead for his childhood friend.
Only to find him spread out on the land,
This war will never steal my last breath.

As he walks undefeated through desolate land,
The sound of guns not too far behind.
His mission he knows is not yet accomplished,
Until he reaches his longed for homeland.

Dedicated to my Grandfather 1923-2012 

As a great lover of war history, after listening to many stories by my grandfather who fought in World War II, I decided to write and dedicate this poem for him. 

My grandfather was a fascinating man. Many years ago when I was just a young girl he told me a fascinating story. This story never left me and I wondered at his courage and strength to survive a night in a hollow log while the Germans slept all around him. This poem tells of his story.

I am a true believer that the reading of books and poetry alike is akin to an incredible journey for the mind. As an author and poet, I have written five books with a sixth on the way. Through my writing journey I have learned many things, one of which is this, without failure there can be no success. Simply put, if we never fail at anything how can we possibly grow. 

I am a devoted mother living in Birmingham England and blessed to be married to a very supportive husband.

D.G. Torrens is the author of five books which she has written over the past three years with a toddler in tow! Her latest release, Tears of Endurance, is an intense romantic drama that will stir up all your emotions for sure. 

Her other books include Amelia's Story

and Broken Wings.

The author is also a member of RABMAD, "Read a book make a difference," a group of like-minded authors who donate a percentage of their sales to their chosen charity. 


  1. Thank you for inviting me here today! It was a great pleasure...

  2. Touching, and a great insight into your drama novels. Thank you for sharing Dawn with us, Scott.

  3. As a huge supporter of the military, Dawn, your poems always stir emotions in me. Having a grandfather and father who also served, and with their own stories to tell, this poem truly touched home. Hats off to your grandfather. :-)

  4. Thank you so much Cathy and Carmen. I too am a huge supporter of our troops. I have so much respect for them. My grandfather was a truly amazing and brave man. :)

  5. Oh, my gosh, that is so sad. Beautifully expressed, DG, as are all your poems. What an amazing way to honor your grandfather and all the other young men and women who've fought for freedom. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Dawn, Haunting and lovely if it is possible to be these at the same time. Thank you.

  7. Dawn, your poem brought tears to my eyes. Very moving and beautifully written.

  8. Thank you so much Van and Michelle for commenting :)

  9. Absolutely wonderful and so touching poem..Very moving and greatly written. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Dawn,
    this is a great achievement today! We never had that many comments! Thank you for your contribution!

    1. My pleasure Siggy, and thank you and Scott for inviting me here. :-)

  11. WOW Dawn--could almost see myself there--love that line "This war will never steal my last breath." Well done!

  12. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments! Poetry is a great love of mine and this particular one is very special to me.

  13. Dawn, that was lovely! I'll be sharing this!

  14. Dawn, very touched by this. My grandfather was also very special to me and a very fascinating man with interesting stories too. You are already an amazing author and now I realise a great poet too. I look forward to book 6 :)

  15. Thank you so much Lisa for your lovely compliment. You have made my day. :)