Saturday, August 10, 2013

The hour glass

Wikimedia Commons
By Deena Tunstall 

Intoxicate me.

Pour down and stream through tightly.

Awkward exchanges, sly glances.
Why do we do this to ourselves?
Muted emotion.

Crossing in every direction.
Tick tick.

Extraction of the pros,
revelling in the cons.

Packed so tight.
Bursting at the seams, ready to unravel.
Piece by piece,
just fall into place

or another’s embrace.

Yet this puzzle is still humoured.

Unto turned on it’s head and it starts again.

Deena Tunstall is a 23-year-old writer with an old soul, originally from the northwest of England but living in Nottingham. Besotted with the idea of interaction between individuals and how one presents themselves to the world. Trying to better her self emotionally and mentally and hoping to help others as well with written monologues, ramblings etc.

Visit her blog, Deenascribbles, and follow her on Twitter @DeenaScribbles.

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