Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Odyssey of this Writer

Hey y’all. My blog is named “The Odyssey of this Writer,” and it’s the story of how I became a fantasy/sci-fi/romance (combo) writer. At least for the current six-book series I’m doing. I post every Tuesday and keep it short. So follow if you dare and click if you like. It's gonna be a heckava ride. You're going to think I'm insane. (That is if you don't already) ;)
It's so weird how I got started being a writer. It will take a while to tell you, so I'll just divide it up so you only have a couple of paragraphs to read each week. I'll try to post on Tuesday mornings. Yesterday flew by so I'll start on a Wednesday.

I've always been a storyteller. And in case you didn't know, I've got the first book published from a six-book series called The Savior Project. The book is titled, The Chosen One and it's all from my dreams. The next five books are also from those dreams. Sometimes I'd wake up thinking these things really happened. I used to tell bedtime stories from those dreams to my kids when they were little.

Anyway, I always wanted to write. Even while at UVa in business school, I took some journalism classes and wanted to switch careers but I received some STRONG advice from family members not to become a starving artist type. So I waited 30 years to become the starving artist type.

So last week was the intro and I said I was gonna tell you how I finally began writing. This fellow was buying my car back in 2005 and while test driving it, with me riding shotgun, casual conversation led to the subject of “What do you do?” I went first and said I was in information technology.

The guy acted surprised saying I didn’t appear to be that type of person, rather an artsy/creative type.
I asked what he did and he said he was a writer. I said that I always wanted to be a writer.

“Really?” was his response. “Got something to write about?”

I said yes and proceeded to tell him the story of Chris Gates and the Savior Project – of course in an abbreviated form. Then I was telling him my baseball story and he stopped me and said, “Dude, you gotta write this stuff. It’s so new and fresh – not the rehashed crap that’s out there now.”

The fellow bought the car and I never saw him again. I was left with the thoughts and desire to write. I sat on that idea for a year and didn’t do anything except think about writing. One day in June of 2006, I hopped on my computer and made notes on all the different stories that I wanted to write. There were 7 stories with the Savior Project series being six books. I sat back and remembered that all of these stories had been dreams – dreams that I felt I actually lived in. So I took a whack at beginning the first book from the Savior Project series, The Chosen One. After I began the first few sentences, I found out something. That’s for next week.
Fritz Franke

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