Sunday, July 21, 2013

Permission to scream

This post was originally published on Lisa Jey Davis' Ms. Cheevious blog on May 10, 2013.
I’m on a bit of a rampage. Wait. Stop. Let me rewind a bit. I’ll set the scene for you:
A fabulous new freelancer (who is super cheap and comes highly recommended) is working to upload my Yoga routine book to other platforms besides iBooks and Amazon. No small task, mind you — dealing with and educating the freelancer, that is.
Simultaneously, I’ve got a couple of PR clients whom I pitch and arrange interviews for, as well as submit them for and take them to red carpet events. Why isn’t this listed first, since it pays the bills, you ask? Meh… I can do this one with my eyes closed. I love it, but it doesn’t cause a rampage unless someone does a client wrong. 
The reason I’m even talking about it is because I’m taking a big risk here by not pursuing more clients, even though one of my few has just gone on hiatus.  I made this decision because dammit all, I WILL finish my books, come HELL or high water… even if it means a) I give up my apartment and spend a chunk of my last remaining savings to b) put everything in storage, c) risk MC Nugget getting kicked out of his apartment for harboring a stow-away, and d) continuing to use my beloved VW Jetta as the great Costco storage vehicle.
I’m okay with being a starving artist, if it means I’ll finish my passion-projects. But shit. It does tend to send the stress barometer into hyperdrive.
But the icing on the cake came with a little tiny request I sent out weeks ago to some of my noteworthy friends (or if they aren’t noteworthy, they are beloved) for advanced reviews of my newest book (almost finished, but waiting on those reviews) Getting Over Your Ovaries – How to Make "The Change of Life" Your Bitch. 

While some of them did reviews (one of which is posted here) and amazed me with their sentiments (and for taking the time) – the others… well, you’d think I was asking them to slay their first born. The book is all of two chapters. Let’s just say, this is the thing that will drive me to drink this weekend.
I’d now like your permission to scream.
But before I do, and before I go, please know – this is not at all about you. It it most definitely about ME.
That is all.

Lisa Jey Davis is Editor in [Mis]Chief of the Ms. Cheevious blog and author of Ahhhhhh…Haaaaaa Moments with Ms. Cheevious, Getting Over Your Ovaries – How to Make “The Change of Life” Your Bitch and Ms. Cheevious In Hollywood. 

The tenth daughter — in a family of eleven children — she was born and raised in the rugged, small southwestern town of Albuquerque, New Mexico, at the base of the beautiful Sandia Mountains. Her mother was an Italian immigrant and her father, of Western European descent, was from Dallas, Texas. After graduation from high school, Lisa Jey (or L.J., as she became known by friends and colleagues) attended the University of New Mexico, majoring in (among other things) journalism and communications.
After her divorce, she made the daring choice, sans employment, to pack it up and move (with her then six-year-old son) from a quiet white-bread neighborhood in Orange County, California to Los Angeles. The goal? Pursue her dreams of working in television production. After months of relentless networking, constant prodding and begging, she finally landed a gig as a talent coordinator on the production crew of The Billboard Bash – a pre-show for the Billboard Music Awards in 2001. She now works as a PR agent in Hollywood.

Visit her Ms. Cheevious blog and website, and follow her on Twitter @MsCheevious.

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