Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In Your Skin

There aren’t many times in my life
Where I’ve felt comfortable
Where I’ve felt welcome
I’ve spent most of it feeling horrible
Believing the poison people told me
I eventually started living as if it was true
I lost who I was in the pursuit of being their version of better
I held back my God given talents
Because they weren’t good enough
So I was told
Blocked out my instincts to live what I was told was the right way
I breathed in their toxic words
Trying hard to move past the suffocation
Mired in the quicksand
I couldn’t see past my desperate need to feel loved and wanted
To fit in
To make them all see
There was nothing wrong with me
I could be like them
I could be beautiful
I could be popular
I could be rich
I could say the right things
Wear the right clothes
I could be just like them
But I tried and failed
I was never meant to be anyone other than me
It took a blow to the head to realize this
To have the reality of who I truly am dawn on me
I finally saw how shallow they all were
How I was better off different
How I wasn’t the problem
My life is my own to live
My own to make
My heart is my own to please
And the sky’s the limit for me
I can rise above all they throw at me
I can be better than their best
I just have to choose what’s right for me
I have to live my life for me
I was created to be exactly who I am
I was never meant to be someone else
I was never meant to be like anything ever created
I was created unique and perfectly me
It’s a hard thing to realize
Sometimes hard to swallow
That fitting in isn’t a requirement for happiness
Fitting comfortably in one’s own skin is all that’s needed
Being happy with yourself
That’s all
Easier said than done
I’ve learned this the hard way
It’s easy to live their lie than your own truth
That’s what they want you to think
Honestly you can’t be anything other than yourself
You can’t fail at being you
It’s innately ingrained into your being
Every cell in your body
Every memory in your brain
And every spark in your soul
Everything that you love is purely you
Everything you say and do is all you
To be them is like wearing something several sizes too small
It just doesn’t fit
It won’t ever fit
But your own skin grows
Stretches and covers you comfortably
Holds you in place
Keeps you sane
Hugs you beautifully so
You don’t have to alter your own personality
You don’t have to cut and tear apart who you are to make it fit
It just simply does
It’s love of yourself that keeps it strong
Keeps it intact
Keeps it whole
It’s love of yourself that keeps your truth shinning
It’s always better to be yourself
It makes this world more colorful and beautiful
You make this world more beautiful
Just the way you are

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©2012Simone Frances Reed

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