Sunday, September 30, 2012


                                                             GIVING A HOOT  

Love is like a fragrant Rose
Whatever shape or form                            
As solid as the first new bud
In the light of perfect dawn
And when the morning takes its flight
As noontime sets the stage
This Rose unfolds its petals
On Nature’s scenic page
Then as the twilight lengthens
And darkness settles in
Its fragrance lingers in the air
To cheer our hearts again

By Jackie Hand in memory of her husband Berkley (6/11/12)
Member of NLAPW, Jacksonville, FL
Jackie has been a member of NLAPW since 1974. Jackie has won numerous awards in  her branch and in FSA for her music, poetry and short stories.Pen Woman of the Year  at the FSA 2003 Biennial Conference in 2003, and won First Place for the newly named Jacksonville Review newsletter. Two of her patriotic songs were recently used by National on two occasions, for the 200th Birthday Celebration of Abraham Lincoln 1809-2009.

Published on Front Page oft heir newsletter Giving a Hoot

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