Thursday, August 9, 2012

Journey through the Mind of God

Astronomy and its deep space sister science are

two of my favorite subjects to write about.  It is easy

for a poet's mind to dream of the enigmatic worlds of

Divinity, deep space and the magnificent wonders

of creation.  I have written several poems on these

subjects and added my audio readings to pages on

my site   I hope you enjoy them



It has always been with human kind
That we’ve been warned by stern and holy teachers
That we may never truly live
Without the Right and Only secrets of the gods

And in every age
The ready ranks of priests ordained in Holy Truths
Have boldly stood upon their Righteous Principles
To lead us to Salvation

Choose carefully, Honest Seeker

For the dire prediction of every one not chosen
Is punishment, oblivion
Or imprisonment in the unforgiving cycles of rebirth
Until we humbly yield our spirits
To some Master of Enlightenment

But first, before you go

Come outside with me tonight
We’ll lie on earth and sod
And send the hopeful dreams of history
Sailing far away on silver clouds

We will listen to a thousand crickets
Chirping to a trillion stars
We’ll contemplate by moonlight
The distant drift of mountains growing in the West
We’ll feel their mighty reach to heaven’s shore

Then come with me to find a midnight ocean
Lost in quiet thought
Softly glowing in a blue fluorescent bloom
While clouds of flowering jelly fish
Pulse in graced and lacey waltz
As they forage in their pastures
Before the sunrise meets the dew

We’ll stroll across the world among the far flung gardens
Flowering in wild and secret places
Gardens thriving in a million lives lived long before
Perhaps we'll find a nest as tiny as a teaspoon
Woven by some hummingbird
We’ll watch its chick break free
From a shell that’s grown too small
And see it breathe the first of light, and life, and self

Then perhaps we’ll pause a bit
To rise above our Right and Only secrets
And see the world through newer eyes
We’ll follow heaven’s song
Through rainbow streams of northern lights
We’ll sail on by the knowing moon
We’ll catch a ride on solar tides
We’ll soar beyond our Perfect Truths
And play in heaven’s dazzling heights

So stay a bit, dear Seeker, and consider if you will
Who is it truly who lives in Inner Light
Who truly knows the mind of God?

©   9/7/10
Sandy Hartman


  1. Two poems back to back for once as submissions are still n short supply. Two totally different styles but both of superb quality. I wanted to post a very suitable picture with Sandra's, but running out of bandwith here with my data stick on my travels in Germany. Same applies to FB, data stick can't find Facebook! What a hoot.Please do us all a favor and promote away while I'm "incapacitated".

  2. indeed in our lifetime we are seekers of the truth,on a path to enlightnment for some of us understand the importance of awareness which makes us known to our essence and what better way than to write each experience!!!! patience is the key when seeking the truth indeed one should choose carefully