Saturday, November 26, 2011


Our first posting is a poem by an extraordinary award winning poet, Sandy Hartman. She likes her poems to be read out aloud for their full effect. Her own Website is still under construction but worth a look already.Powerful words there! This one she wrote for me and my Irish blog.

Earth Bound
A downpour empties the rain choked bowl of a thundering sky
Earth pauses after the soaking
And basks in a gray green glow
Back lit by brushed metallic radiance
That moment just before a new sun breaks through

The last few fat rain drops
Splat on the tin roof of the chicken coop
Bothering brood hens fluffed wide
Over clutches of satin brown eggs
Each hen, eyes half closed in contentment
Chucking quietly to herself

The moist smell of new straw warmed under feathers
Then touches the fragrance of strawberries and lavender
From the garden

My small refuge in this frenzied world gone mad over itself
As it speeds down a highway that cuts through corn fields
Sandy Hartman (©2010)

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