Sunday, November 27, 2011

Award Winning Photos

I'm a great admirer of a website called Though not a writer, Paz has something wonderful to offer: exquisite, breathtaking photos that he often underwrites with informative captions. I'd like to support him--maybe other artists as well-, maybe deep down I miss my second home.
Paz, whose job takes him around the country has provided numerous opportunities to take shots that you wouldn't normally see. Every Ireland lover is in for treat. Here is his ward winning one:

".. it's third time lucky as my third entry won the August contest, the theme was Lakes, Ponds, Rivers or Creeks. My prize is I get the bragging rights and a widget, but most of all it made me smile on a bad day!
Here is my winning picture taken in Connemara, I was surprised to win as there were other great pictures click here."
Another winner for me is his series "Waiting on Shore" taken on Nov, 6. Below is one of them. Paz writes "This statue is dedicated to those lost at sea taken against the midday Sun".
I bet you  want to see more and check out his website!Especially the photographers among you.He also has videos on his site.Boreens and Backroads a video of a drive up an Irish Backroad. I posted that one on my Irish blog when I first encountered him over 2 years ago. 
Siggy Buckley

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