Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Black and White

Your black and white is showing
It is as clear as night and day
The line is drawn to mark the spot
No space for gray to play.

Sure, things went a bit awry 
Our emotions went astray;
Yet gray is where our hearts did meet
While black and white were kept at bay.

Gray was the expanse of love
Where songs and poems grew wings
The place in time where fairies swept
The place where angels sing.

The white was where your spirit lived
Light and free and soft
Above the lurking shadows
Where dreams were kept aloft.

Black, a dark foreboding place 
Where shadows dwell at large
The dim veil of a promise broken
Flowed above and fully charged.

Return to gray where beauty blooms
Transparent in its all
Safe from the depths of a colorless world
Oh, listen deep and hear the call.
The End.


 Creator, Producer, and Facilitator of Transformational Events and Workshops for women of all ages; Founder of JustABeatAway, The Wisdom Roundtable, and co-founder of Blondes Drum 2; Writer, Songwriter, Musician/Drummer 101; Change Agent; Firestorm of Divine Creative Energy; Manifesting Generator; Lover of Life, Heartbeats, Dance and anything rhythmic.  Two co-recorded CD's can be found on CD Baby and Reverbnation under her former business name of Blondes Drum 2 and is currently working on developing a path for her songwriting and video projects.  Married with 4 children and 5 grandchildren, she lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL and is committed to building community one beat at a time. 

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